Choosing the right corset for you


New trends are always upon as fashion progresses. There are so many styles and desigs that seem to be of rival. Corsets used to be the hot trend in the 1800s tight fitted showcasing sexy curves. Well they are hot piece of wear till this day. There are a variety of styles and designs that have come about.

Today, thought the corset has evolved much more as it design in ways that it can be worn out as a over garment in public. Being suitable with skirts or jeans for daytime or nighttime wear. In the past corsets were more simple and had engaged a ribbon to tie up therefore you could have it fitted to your comfort. Nowadays corsets come in many sizes such as, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL,XXXL and so on. Leaving some women at a lost in finding the right corset. Don’t get discouraged having plenty of sizes means you will have the right fit and plenty of styles to choose from. Zippers that are on the sides, the back giving you more room to play.

Here a few things you should ask yourself when purchasing the right corset for you. Many women find themselves at a loss or very confused as to which ones would fit or look best on them. Corsets are not scary to shop for, as there are many types outthere to surely satisfy your need.  A great online store which carries a huge selection of corsets and corset tops is

When considering the right corset for you just as yourself these very simple questions.

Will it be worn over or under your garments.If you are wearing the corset as an over the garment type thing then they tend to have zippers not really ribbons. They are fancier and may have ribbon or flower designs which would be hard to wear under anything. A fancy corset with stylish design might be very pretty but it will most likely not work under many garments as it will look bulky. Also you would not feel comfortable in it which would make no sense. If you are purchasing a corset for under a garment then choosing the right color is a must. You need to match the corset with the attire you will be wearing. For example, lighter garments require lighter colored corsets while darker garments will need darker colored corsets. And most importantly you must consider the material, some corsets are made out of pvc which might be very sticky in warm climate.

Whether you are buying a corset for under garment or as outer wear you can find a variety of styles and designs that will leave you feeling sexy and will adhere to your every curve. Just keep in mind comfortability and choosing the right corset for you. If you end up with a too tight, uncomfortable corset well then you it would be nothing but a waste of money. With a little bit of time you can research and find wonderful corsets that will leave you feeling and looking like a million bucks.

NetFlix, Why You Should Join

1There many good reasons why joining NetFlix would benefit you.  It’s a wonderful site which features many movies of your choice.  Old Classics to New blockbuster hitters. For such a low month cost you get to enjoy endless movies in many different genres and categories.

NetFlix makes it easy to find movie with hundreds and thousands available to choose from.  Walking from aisle to aisle makes it really hard to pick one.  While Netflix makes it easy with the click of a button.  You can do search for the genre you would prefer perhaps you are feeling a horror type movie or an action filled one.  Anything you desire can be had within minutes.  The great thing about Netflix is the ease of having it at home on your computer ready to play rather than having to leave your house to pick a single movie and hope it’s what you expected.

For the low price of just $7.99 a month for unlimited movies you truly can’t go wrong. It’s cheap and you can watch so many as opposed to if you were to rent then it would cost you a fortune.   They also offer a 14 Day Trial which is fabulous.  So for those wishing to try it and canceling if need be they make it easy and stress free. This allows you the opportunity to see for yourself what they have to offer.

Another great feature Netflix offers is being able to Download movies onto your computer or laptop.  Meaning you have the luxury of picking your favorite movies and streaming live on your TV.  They have made it so easy to enjoy movies whatever your needs may be.

2Netflix Delivers Pretty quick meaning you will receive your movie within days.  They also never edit movies meaning you get to the see the movie real deal however it was made.  Who would want to miss parts of movies due to editing.  So this is a great feature they offer.  You can see what others have watched to inspire you and connect you with like minded movie lovers.  Helping you discover movies which you would have missed other wise.

Last but not least let’s not forget the great quality high resolution movie quality netflix delivers.  Movies never glitch, skip or look dithered.  They are nothing short of amazing.  Sound quality is also superb. You truly do get the best of both worlds.  Amazing movies, Cheap rates and all made easy and ready with the touch of a button in the comfort of your home.  I think for those who have yet to try it to give it  a shot.  You will be pleased with the whole application.  And if not it’s so easy to cancel.  I personally love that i tried it at my friends suggestion.  I have watched so many wonderful shows and movies to last a lifetime.  Whether you are downlading or renting they make it easy for you to get what you want.  No hassles no delays and everything arrives to you in time.  Now this is to me is a wonderful movie watching experience.

All the Benefits of Organic Soy Milk

1Organic Soy milk is natural, healthy and tastes really good.  Keeping in mind to check and see if it has passed inspection standards to be sure it is in fact Organic.  You would not want to be paying more under the impression it’s organic when in in fact it’s just regular milk. Soy milk is full of beneficial vitamins and properties and is low in fat. It has proteins and fiber and key in vitamins and minerals essential in maintaining health.

The good thing about organic foods is that they are processed different.  Meaning they have been specifically filtered and grown with no artificial ingredients and chemicals. They are labeled with a green and white seal or certification and after inspection. Without a seal i would not trust that the product is in fact organic.  I would be ware and look into that product further.  These beans are prepared pure, no artificial growth or pest control meaning nothing has come in contact with them.

For those on a diet, soy milk is very healthy and beneficial to you.  It is sweet and wholesome all on it’s own. Organic Soy Milk is the purest milk you will find with so many healthy key elements.   There are many soy milk products available at the supermarket the key is to find the one that best works for you.  Whether it is lactose or even the taste of choice.

Dairy products in general especially milk are very healthy and beneficial to consume daily.  Soy products have components that will do wonders to your body and with Organic Soy Milk you get purity with the finest touch in a form your body needs.  Many times, some people simply don’t drink because of the taste and therefore feel with withdrawn.  With Soy Milk it has a sweet taste with no bitter after taste.

2When i first tried i was shocked to see that it actually tasted great so i had heard so many different reviews.  A few of my friends said they didn’t like it much while others fell in love. So i thought i would give it a try given all the nutritious ingredients it had.  I simply loved it!  After the first sip and i was totally happy.  Milk has always been a bit hard to drink so i would mix in all sorts of Chocolate syrups to dilute the flavor.  For me personally i was definitely happy i tried it. I guess you can say color me impressed.  I would suggest it to anyone trying to live a healthy lifestyle. Every little bit counts and this is simply delicious with all the good benefits.

So as you can see, Soy Milk is not solely for vegans or those or for those with a strict diet. Anyone wishing to keep healthy or enrich their lives with a tasty cold glass can do so.  A glass in the morning with your favorite breakfast or sandwich is a great way to go.  It’s not a nuisance and your first start to a healthy dose.  One less thing to worry about when trying to keep healthy.

Christmas tree and baking goodness


As the first snow falls and Santa double checks his good old list you know it’s that wonderful time of the year.  Oh how i love Christmas. Especially putting up the Christmas Tree. So this year, I decided to go with a white 7′ Prelit Pine Tree verses a real one which i have done every year for the longest time. I just felt like white would be the perfect theme this Christmas.  My husband of course, helped me Set up the gorgeous tree and helped entwine all the pine handles. Once finished, i quickly took a snap shot and sent it to my best friend Debbie.  She was absolutely in love and asked if i would decorate hers next :)

I carefully hand picked and selected lime green ornaments dusted with glitter as i think the colors work wonders together.  I just love the way green ornaments look on a white tree.  I guess that inspiration came from always seeing beautiful Christmas Trees in magazines decorated similiar. And of course we all know the primary colors that look best on artifical or natural trees are, red, blue and green.  I decided to mix both large and small sized ornamnets for variety.  I didn’t want everything to look extra bulky or peek out. Keeping the bigger ornaments at the bottom and the smaller ones at the top for a proportional finish.  Glass Christmas Ornaments and Glass Balls have always been a favorite of mine. I guess i like the whole old traditional method of decorating my tree. I liked the fact that the tree came already pre lit as this helped minize the work in deciding which lights look best. These clear lights just work great, they sparkle and twinkle inside the trees.

If you have children, you can always have them make Christmas decorations that will make your whole Christmas theme unique. Also, i find it very popular with the kids by adding candy canes along the tree.  Seems to be a popular tradition every year. There are many colors you can choose from to keep your whole color Scheme intact. Decorative Wreaths or Garlands are always an excellent choice.  Especially along the stair railings or the fireplace.

2Christmas Baking is a must, preparing and decorating pastries.  I like to make little tree cookies and snowman powdered donuts. Phylo made deserts are always a hit if you’re planning a party.  They seem to a likeable desert to many.  There are so many great recipes out there such as Cinnamon Stars, Christmas cookies, gingerbread man, Gingerbread house,  Christmas Ornament cookies, Peanut butter cup cookies, Apple Pie, Pumpkin roll are just to name a few.

Christmas Dinner is espeically important.  With so many available recipes on hand this is where you can shine. Stuffed Chicken and Turkey, slow roasted ribs, lobster and shrimp dishes and much more.  Offer a delicious wine on the side and viola you have the perfect Christmas Dinner.

With Christmas so close, excitement fills our hearts and here is your chance to decorate, accenuate and cook like you have never cooked before.  I am ever So happy about the way the tree and all the decorations have turned out.  Now comes the fun part, buying and wrapping the Christmas gifts.  Here is where Santa’s List comes in handy.

New to Sexy Clothing and Lingerie

1 I was at the mall last week and found a really cute dress, But i couldn’t figure out whether it was a top or a dress.  The lovely young lady behind the cash register told me it was a club dress which i found very intriguing. In today’s Fashion world, Clubwear is a word that is carelessly used. For instance Many people don’t seem to understand what Clubwear really is. When they hear clubwear they assume clubwear only clothing, exotic wear only when in fact it can be daily wear. There is also the misconception of whether it’s spelled Clubwear or club wear. A lot of people don’t understand the difference and think they have simply mispelled the word.  But when you google the terms both come up with a huge amount of search results.

Let’s take a closer look at Clubwear and it’s origin which is closely related to clubs and apparel.  Clubwear is majority of the time clothing that is very sexy, exotic and provocative.  Worn in club type atmosphere.  When searching online you will find a variety of clothing classified as clubwear.  Some items are much less revealing than others yet still considered clubwear. Like for example asexy long sleeved dress yet mini in length, which can easily be categorized as many other types of clothing.

Clubwear has become a huge market retail Value.   One excellent choice for clubwear and sexy lingerie is orchid dreams online store.  It consists of sexy skirts, tops, mini and long dress and much more.  It’s the type of wear that a lot of women wouldn’t dare to wear.  Worn at night, attention grabbing, metallic material in a shine to catch all eyes.  Thus making clubwear sexy and night wear preference.  Very tight fitted, short in length and hard to find in general retail outlets.  Skin tight, bright and paired with tight little tops. The key is to find clothing that is comfortable for dancing.  A really good blog to get info about clubwear is clubwear blog.  Lycra spandex fabric clothing seem to be the most popular amongst club goers as they never ride up and are of a tight fit.   Finding the right outfit for the right weather can be quite challenging, as the season changes it’s harder to pick out a proper outfit that does the job.

Leather and pleather made clothing seem to be hot clubwear items.  There’s something that closely resembles stars and musicians that leaves a lot of club goers seeking leather material made outfits. Corsets made of leather or pleather are always a hot top to wear having no need for bra support but provide consistancy and comfort for all night wear.

2Dark clubwear clothing are most prefered by plus size women as it helps make the figure look slimmer and creates a sexy silhoutte.  While smaller frames look great in lighter colored clothing baring skin and showing off sexy curves.  For those thinking of purchasing clubwear should keep in mind sexy tight clothing that is sure shine especially when buying metallic fabric outifits.  But there are also those few stores that have less revealing clothing categorized under clubwear.  To say the least, Clubwear is definitely hot wear. Do a search online and find what best suits you and compliments your body type.  As you would be surprised to see what can work with your figure and showcase curves you never even knew existed.  Whether you are plus size or small size, clubwear is the kind of clothing that is made to fit and that can show world what you want them to see.  As for me personally, i have come to learn a bit more about clubwear as a curious mind i just had to since it was so fascinating.

What kind of traveller are you?

1Are you the type of person who is willing to hop on the next plane within 24 hours or do you require weeks or months to plan and prepare. If you are the type of person who is willing to hop on the next plane out to a hot tropical getaway then you are a seize the moment kind of person. That makes you free spirited, on the edge no fear of anything kind of persona. A planner type of traveller requires time to purchase and perfect their getaway. Also a good trait but that falls under the very careful meticulous type of traveller.

Next stop measure would be are you the type of person who wants all arrangements made before hand or are you willing to go on a wild adventure and make reservations along the way.
Having all arrangements made leaves you with the same activities as your last trip or try a new adventurous one.

Are you the type of person who looks for the cheapest flight out last minute or do you take the time to find a great location with no budget set in mind. Some last minute vacations even though on sale are for great luxurious resorts. Planning ahead is also great but can have you attending the same old vacation spot for double the price.

Or Could you be the type of traveller who is very picky about your stay for example do wall colors or room arrangements bother you or do you simply not care about the indoors yet more on the outdoors such as the outside view and beach.  Do the little things that don’t matter much make you uncomfortable.

Ask yourself this, Do you find yourself complaining about the food out of all your group of friends or enjoy the new taste of exotic mouth watering plates such as this great recipe. Are your friends enjoying the adventure of the meal while you keep thinking of your favorite meal back home. Allowing yourself the chance to try something new can work wonders. Salts and seasoned meals that may leave you speechless.

There are many types of travellers that fall under many different types of categories. You just have to ask yourself what kind of traveller you really are. The last minute hassle free traveller or the by the books traveller. Regardless of how you like to travel,  just give yourself a chance to try something new and exciting on your next vacation. Travelling is the best part life. Seeing the world, places you’ve never been and seeing things you have never seen.

Fall is here, It’s Pumpkin Patch Time

2That wonderful time of the season is here, where beautiful colored leaves soak the ground. Autumn breeze surrounds us all and halloween is around the corner. Beautiful pumpkins for picking are available for family fun time. It’s the time where we gather the family, drive up north to a farm where they have an array of pumpkins available. We seem to like the bright orange pumpkins with the soft skin, i find them easier to carve. You can also pick out very tasty pumpkins for cooking purposes.

Farms are a great place to start as they offer countless pumpkins available which come in different shapes and sizes surrounding the field. Sometimes however with so many to choose from you can find yourself having a hard time picking a suitable one. As an added bonus, these events may offer horse back riding and corn fields where you can purchase fresh delicious corn. So it isn’t bad idea to pack the family and spend the whole day enjoying an array of activities for everyone to enjoy.

Pumpkin patch seems to be a long time tradition for many people like myself.  It is truly amazing to see how far it has come. It’s a day where you can gather the family around the table and assign everyone a task, carving out parts of the pumpkin. Some may also wish to add objects to the pumkin for a very unique finish.

Enjoying a tasty pumkin for desert is also not a bad idea with so many delicious recipes available. A great chance to treat the whole family to a delicious feast.

So as an array of beautiful pumpkins scatter the fields, it is truly a magnificent site to see. Go ahead Wear your favorite boots, keep warm and make sure to bring a camera. You can take some of the most amazing memory filled fun photos.

As for me, i love the fall Season and i make sure to take in as much as possible. Pumpkin Patch in Autumn always seems to be my favorite. Cool Breeze, beautiful trees and leaves surrounding me on the drive up. It’s truly a site to see and i make sure not a year goes by where we haven’t taken in some fun at the patch.

As the season approaches, make sure to take your family or friends to a pumpkin patch you will be amazed at just how much fun you can have. Especially for those who are doing this for the first time.